Lace Alumitone Pickups Review
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You have likely heard buzz about Lace Alumitone--these are a long awaited development in pickup technology. There's only one turn of wire and thus they have very little mass. These have been really highly reviewed by everyone who tried them, especially for metal. They are completely quiet, high gain, and increase the bottom and high end of your guitar tone. I said "what the hey" and decided to give one a whirl.

Got the package. Noticeably very light. Also the packaging is

The pickup is shrinkwrapped on a bed of foam.

By default, all alumitones are identical with 3 wires, non-splittable. I guess they make a splittable version too, but I am yet to see one.

That's it. This is the whole pickup! I was skeptical, definitely.

The guts of the pickup. I've read that this is a mini step transformer..any electric engineers in the house, you guys tell me.

It's going into my green Warmoth. Instructions for my pickup also said "Use 250K for better tone," so that's different too.


..and all set up. I really like it looks-wise. If you are putting it in a pickguard, you need a pickup ring honestly, or dust will get in. :)

Sonically: this pickup is TSUNAMI!! Even my wife commented how full the guitar sounded--and to her they all sound the same. High output, but total clarity and definition. Awesome, modern bottom end crunch and singing highs. The chords are so crunchy now. Love it. I know Remy tried this pickup too and likes it as well.
Go out and buy one! You will not regret it. This pickup is the $h!t!!

Update 2012: Three years later, I still love this pickup. It has a very characteristic, "alive" sound I enjoy. One recommendation I would make is to use a pickup ring even when installing this pickup on a pickguard; otherwise dust gets in through the open top and bottom. I no longer have the green Warmoth, but the pickup has found a happy new home in my Carved Rose guitar.

Lace Alumitone humbucker in a Floyd Rose guitar I carved with my father in law in For Washington PA.

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