Schaller 456 and Sta-Tuned String-Lock Review
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I had wanted to try a fine-tuning Schaller 456 bridge on my aluminum neck Kramer DMZ 1000 for awhile. The original 1979-1980 tuners are made by Schaller and are excellent as all Schaller products, but it is only too easy to tune a guitar sharp or flat with headstock tuners alone. I knew that Schaller 456 would be perfect, as the Kramer had originally come with non-finetuning Schaller 455 and I knew the dimensions would be exact, 2-3/32" (53mm). Please note that a neck pocket angle of 1-1/2 to 3 degrees is necessary for proper operation, which was already done to accomodate the Schaller 455 bridge.
Schaller products are notoriously hard to find in the US, but this bridge is carried by Warmoth Guitar Products for about $70 in chrome.

The bridge arrives at work-- nice solid construction. The saddles rest on the thumbscrews. The bridge comes with everything shown--studs, as well as a cool Schaller screwdriver tool.

View from the back.

The future recipient of the bridge, posing next to a wall of gear.

A closeup of the old Schaller 455 bridge. The saddles had gotten pitted and tarnished with time.

The replacement is complete! I like the look and the tuning precision which is instantly evident.

Another view of the bridge replacement. I replaced the studs as well. The sound seems a bit more resonant/chimey now too.

After hearing buzz from the NAMM trade show, I wanted to try out a Sta-Tuned String-Lock on the same guitar. Sta-tuned is a super concept, a locking nut that doesn't require any routing to be done. While it's not cheap, it's machined well and comes luxuriously packaged.

A photo of the Sta-Tuned package. The String-Lock comes in a jewelry box with the required wrench, as well as instructions.

A shot of the String-Lock on the DMZ.

Side view, which illustrates the String-Lock concept.

The completed project. Tone, style, and stability. Kramer, Schaller, and Sta-Tuned are a perfect marriage!

Conclusion: Schaller 456 is a high end bridge and tailpiece made in Germany. The bridge looks cool and adds a lot of tuning stability and versatility to an otherwise hard-to-tune guitar. The bridge required no modification and is technically correct for a Kramer DMZ, as some models were found with this bridge. I recommend you go out and buy one!
Likewise, I have been extremely impressed with the Sta-Tuned String-Lock. Paired with the Schaller 456 bridge, my tuning stability is incredible. I will definitely be looking to buy another String-Lock for a future project.

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