Dear Jean Gig Bag Review
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I had been looking for a gig bag for my vintage Washburn D-10 for awhile. This mahogany dreadnought was my first guitar; although it doesn't get as much play time as my electrics, I've wanted to find the right bag for storing it. I knew I wanted leather, but wasn't sure of the maker. Finally I had found the reviewed gig bag, made by Dear Jean in Sweden, on eBay. The maker was new to eBay and unknown to me, but the bag looked cool and the price was right. Besides, I do feel a certain affection towards Sweden and the great metal music they have given us over the last 15 years, when the rock scene has been (largely) dead in the US. I ended up getting the gig bag for the opening bid, and it was shipped promptly via airmail to my office.

The woven handle is my favorite feature. Very different and high end. The accompanying booklet says the bag is made of buffalo leather. There is no "made in.." label anywhere but I assume it's made in Sweden. The stitching is very well done.

There is a flap that buttons over the top of the bag. Dubbed "the first clothing for guitars," this Dear Jean bag really does look (and feel) like a leather jacket.

The strap also features woven leather. There is a definite S&M quality to this bag.

Puzzling quote on an outside tag. (Penned by late 19th century novelist Stephen Crane.

The concept is to have a snug fit. There is a puffed red cloth lining to protect the finish.

The tuners rest against a leather flap inside

Another view of the inside. Leather stretches, and today this gig bag fits fine, but originally I had to wait a few days and gradually zip the bag up as the leather stretched further. The upper bout of the guitar is currently where the bag is at its tightest.

The bag is full of high end and slightly mysterious features like this "heart" button.

The bag looks really cool on a guitar stand too.

Conclusion: this is a high end, boutique leather gig bag, and I feel lucky to own it. It's an interesting concept and looks very cool. Because it's a leather bag, I know it will last a lifetime and only continue getting softer. The only fault I could find with it is the very snug fit. This is done by design though, and the bag basically stretches to fit a standard dreadnought guitar. I recommend you go out and buy one!

Stock photos from the Dear Jean website.

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