Carved Rose Guitar Project - 2010

This is a brief description of a project I completed with my father in law in 2010. In all, the project took about three years.
I had taken an off the shelf Floyd Rose Discovery guitar and stripped and carved the top. I subsequently had the guitar finished, and completed the project with the addition of new electronics and pickguard.

This was originally a Chinese Floyd Rose "Discovery Series" DST-1 I picked up at a blowout sale

First, I stripped it--by was a huge pain

I sanded the body over several weekends in August '07

In the process, I found that the body was veneered (of course). It was another huge pain sanding through the veneer

Sanding progress pics

More sanding progress pics

Almost finished sanding--and ready to start carving

January '10--the carving is finished, done over many weekends (and beers) in Ft. Washington, PA

Another view of the carved top

May '10--the body has returned from being stained/lacquered by Meanstreet Guitars. Mitchel at Meanstreet did an incredible job!

Another view--ready to be wired

The body is loaded. Steve of Musican's Arsenal hooked me up with a tortoise pickguard--looks great!

Another view. I have a Lace Alumitone pickup in the bridge, a Seymour Duncan Vintage Staggered in the Middle, and a Seymour Duncan Hot Stack (tapped) in the neck.

The project is complete!

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