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span style="font-family: verdana; font-size: small;">Since 1993, I have owned nearly one hundred cool and vintage guitars.  The majority of these have been major brands of  yesteryear, with a special focus placed on superstrat and hard rock brands like Kramer and Jackson / Charvel.  At one point I owned forty guitars in a small New York apartment.  I feel very fortunate to have played so many different instruments over the years, finally narrowing my collection down to a dozen or so guitars.  
All the guitars I owned or played have been slightly different, with variances in feel, tone, and playability.  Quality has also varied widely, from "how did they allow that to sell" to "boutique, masterful, inspirational."  
Please see below for photos of guitars I own today as well as ones I have sold, traded, or gifted over time.  I have retained a nucleus of rare Kramer guitars and have also focused my efforts on building my own custom instruments with premium parts from Warmoth, Schaller, and others.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions: george at kramerforum dot com.  Keep Rockin'! George T / NYC

-Current Lineup-
1979 Kramer 650g Serial 70441 1979
Kramer 650G Artist Series
1980 Kramer dmz 1000 Serial A4363 1980
Kramer DMZ 1000
Serial A5735 1980
Kramer DMZ 5000
Kramer The Duke
Factory Camo Paintjob
1981 Kramer Pacer Imperial Serial B2474 1981
Kramer Pacer Custom
1984 Kramer J-2000 Serial J000036
Kramer J-2000 Prototype
1985 Kramer Focus 1000
Kramer Focus 1000

PRS Custom 22
1994 Washburn Serial
Washburn D-10

Floyd Rose Discovery
"Carved "Rose" Custom
2014 SEG Customs w Removable Pickup Module
SEG Custom Guitar with
Removable Pickup Module
2005 Warmoth
Warmoth "Russian Camo"
2012 Warmoth
Warmoth "Black Korina Tele"
2015 Warmoth
Warmoth Mahogany Strat



-Sold , Traded, Gifted-

Serial # A4108
1977 Kramer
1978 Kramer 350g Serial 30652 1978 Kramer
Serial # A4108 1980 Kramer
1982 Kramer Vanguard Serial B2370 1982 Kramer
Vanguard Special
1982 Kramer
The Duke

1981 Kramer Pacer Special Serial A8450

1981 Kramer
"Vintage Series"  Prototype

1981 Kramer Vanguard Serial A9398

Kramer Vanguard Special

1981 Kramer Pacer Imperial Serial B0259

1981 Kramer
Pacer Imperial

Serial # A7462

1981 Kramer
Voyager Imperial

1981 Kramer Pacer Special Serial A8450

1981 Kramer
Pacer Standard

1982 Kramer Pacer Serial B3830

1982 Kramer
"The Pacer"

Serial # B2356

1982 Kramer
Pioneer Bass

1982 Kramer
Voyager Special

1982 Kramer
Voyager Special

Serial # A8742

1982 Kramer
Pacer Special

1982 Kramer Pacer Special Serial B0958

Kramer Pacer Special

1982 Kramer Pacer Imperial Serial B1654

1982 Kramer
Pacer Imperial

1983 Kramer

1983 Kramer Pacer Imperial Serial C1982

1983 Kramer
Pacer Imperial

Serial # B5726

1983 Kramer
"The Pacer"

Serial # C3354

1983 Kramer
Pacer Special

1982 Kramer Vanguard Serial B8766

1983 Kramer
Vanguard  Imperial

1984 Kramer Floyd Rose Serial C7765

1984 Kramer
Floyd Rose Signature

11984 Kramer Pacer Deluxe Serial C4385

1984 Kramer

1985 Kramer Baretta Serial 12563

1985 Kramer
Baretta Custom Order

1985 Kramer Baretta Serial 12634

1985 Kramer
Baretta Custom Order

Serial #D1016

1985 Kramer 

Serial D2918

1985 Kramer
Pacer Imperial

1985 Kramer Voyager

1985 Kramer

1986 Kramer

1986 Kramer Pacer

1986 Kramer
Pacer Imperial

1986 Kramer Baretta

1986 Kramer

1986 Kramer Baretta Serial E1187

1986 Kramer
Baretta "Twisted Sister"

Serial #E3393

1986 Kramer
Pacer Imperial


1988 Kramer
Pacer Deluxe

1989 Kramer Pacer Custom II

1989 Kramer
Pacer Imperial

1989 Kramer Pacer Custom II

1989 Kramer
Pacer Custom II

1990 Kramer Pacer Custom I
1990 Kramer
Pacer Custom I

1999 Kramer

Serial #

2001 Kramer
Duo Pro

Serial 051130

2005 Kramer
Baretta 1985 Reissue

2006 Kramer MusicYo Custom

2006 Kramer
LP Custom

2008 Kramer
Pacer Reissue

Kramer Pacer
Limited Edition

Serial #

1986 Charvel
Model 3

1987 Jackson San Dimas Serial 1909

1987 Jackson

1993 Jackson Ontario Serial 1909

1993 Jackson
USA Dinky / PC-1

Serial #

1987 Charvel
Model 1

UNK Serial UNK-80
1983 Fernandes
The Function

UNK Serial UNK-80

2007 UNK
Norma Jean's Eye

2001 BMI Karts

1986 Kramer SC-1

1986 Kramer
SC-1 Fantasy

1987 Kramer
Fantasy w Jeff LaBar neck

1986 Kramer

1988 Kramer Pacer Custom II

1988 Kramer
PC-2 Fantasy

Serial #F3077

1989 Kramer
Classic II Fantasy

2002 Warmoth

2006 Warmoth

2006 Warmoth

2009 Warmoth Serial D2002

2009 Warmoth
"Dream Pacer"


Not pictured: 1984 Charvel San Dimas; 1984 Kramer Focus 4000; 1986 Kramer Striker 500ST; 1987 Charvel Model 4;
1988 Charvel Model 6; 1990s Fender Squier; 1996 Jackson DR3; 2000 Kramer Striker 422CM; 2000s Meanstreet Guitars Unchained; others.

-Group Shots etc-

Kramer Aluminum Neck Guitars, 1978-1980. My collection includes a "Kramer Sticks its Neck Out" poster reprint by
Gary Kramer, and a Gary Kramer signed paperweight/sales tool.


Rare Kramer Pacers, lawsuit "Strat" headstock. These guitars have rich tone and enjoyable feel and playability with a manly
vintage Fender "V" neck.  These hand built guitars have a boutique, San Dimas vibe to them.  Today I own only the transblue strat.  

1981-1983 Kramer Vanguards -- ready for liftoff!  By 2011, I kept only the strathead Vee--and it was sold to a CA collector in 2016.

1989-1990 Kramer Pacers Custom I and II, with artwork by Dennis Kline and with holoflash finish.
I sold both of these guitars in a 2011 move to California. What these late 1980s ESP Made guitars lack in mojo they make up
in perfect playability up and down the neck.

Custom guitar designed and assembled by me in 2005. Warmoth neck and body; airbrushed by Shadoe McKee of Beyond Custom Guitars

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